Our Team

Our vision is to advance the energy industry by providing innovative and sustainable solutions, empowering organisations across Australia to optimise their energy. 

Team Values

We envision a future where every business has access to intelligent energy solutions that seamlessly integrate with their operations, enabling them to achieve optimal energy efficiency, unlock significant value, reduce carbon footprints, and contribute to a more sustainable world. Through bespoke technology and unmatched expertise, we strive to be the trusted partner that guides organisations towards real, long-term outcomes, while fostering authentic relationships built on trust, transparency, and unwavering commitment. 

Together, we will pave the way towards a more sustainable future. 


We’re committed to providing genuine attention to the client’s needs and offering truthful advice that goes beyond superficial cost and result considerations.


We value each other’s safety and well-being, upholding our reputation, and are committed to consistency and ownership of service for our clients.


We prioritise a positive culture, which ultimately benefits our clients as they work with happy, supported, and empowered teams.


We understand the motivations of our clients and are forward-thinking in our approach. Our business strategy prioritises enhancing the customer service experience and pioneering strategies to foster client success.


We form long-lasting relationships with our clients built on loyalty, trust, and care.

Meet the team

Peter Halyburton

Principal and Director

Murray Halyburton

Managing Director

Andrew Halyburton

Senior Energy Analyst

Paul Myors

Senior Consultant

Jim Kelty

Senior Consultant

David Bagley-Jones

National Energy Manager

Tito Kinnavong

Energy Analyst

Jasmine Lee

IT, Research and Development

Aaron Bool

Student Engineer

Kate Halyburton

e21 & Business Support

Louise Tassone

Business Support

Trudie Schuck

Business Support

Ashlee Halyburton

Office Support

Briony Halyburton

Design and Marketing