Our Difference

Service Experience

EMS offers a unique and comprehensive approach to energy management, going beyond typical corporate relationships. Leveraging decades of experience, our mission is to enhance your energy aspirations, allowing you to focus on your fundamental business strengths.

Here’s what sets us apart;

At EMS, we go beyond typical partnerships. We offer expert guidance that’s always focused on delivering the right advice for your unique needs. With decades of experience in the energy management industry, our customised approach ensures you receive tailored solutions that fit seamlessly into your operations. But it’s more than that – we’re committed to fostering authentic relationships in a collaborative team environment. Experience the difference of a genuine partnership that drives your success forward.

Experience the power of unbiased guidance. As independent service providers, our advice is always objective and focused on helping you make the best energy decisions for your organisation. As the preferred supplier of major Retailers, we bring a track record of trust. We’re here to ensure your energy management adapts, thrives, and functions optimally. Choose a path where clarity meets objectivity, and your organisation’s success is our sole focus.

Have the power of independent verification and error detection at your fingertips. Our unique monitoring technology not only provides you with accurate data for informed decisions but also serves as a comprehensive management tool for optimising energy usage. Experience substantial cost savings through efficient procurement strategies, all while effortlessly accessing crucial data. With EMS, you’re not just saving money, you’re transforming your approach to energy management.

Experience the relief of staying at the forefront of energy intelligence. Access regular updates, invaluable education, and precise market and trend analytics. Your decision-making becomes easy, knowing you have the expert guidance you need. Put your energy management in capable hands and let us lead you to achieve your business goals.

We bring a responsive and flexible approach, finely tuned to your needs, and fuelled by a resourceful mindset. Our proactive team stands beside you, delivering a seamless service that evolves as your needs unfold and change. We’re more than consultants; we’re the key to unlocking opportunities and tapping into the true potential of your energy management.

Embark on a journey towards sustainability while boosting your organisation’s efficiency today. We hold a deep appreciation for sustainable solutions and are committed to providing valuable education and keeping you at the cutting edge of innovations and technology. Together, we’re fostering a heightened environmental awareness that propels your business and energy management towards a brighter future.