Energy Management

We simplify energy for you. We take the complication out of energy bills and the billing process by calculating how much energy is used, where it is used and how to manage it effectively. By using e21 EnergyPlus we can show you your whole energy picture.

The multi-dimensional approach used by e21 EnergyPlus enables its users to achieve fundamental business and environmental goals, including achieving carbon-neutral status.

  • Tariff Analysis
  • Economic Modelling
  • Economic analysis of potential energy and cost saving projects (e.g. co-generation) 
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Demand Management
  • Managing Energy Consumption
  • Bill Auditing and verification
EMS by Ben Adams
Service Testimony
We were looking to see if we could save in energy costs because we felt our bill was higher than it should be. We were recommended to use e21 EnergyPlus. After entering our data a significant bill error was identified. Because all of our usage and cost data was in e21 it meant we had an energy management tool and we were able to look at the big picture with a multifaceted approach to achieve maximum savings going forward. e21 EnergyPlus uses meter data from sub-meters, solar inverters and the NMI meter to accurately model costs and analyse loads to manage our Demand when brewing, calculate savings from solar used as well as provide legitimate bills for tenant’s electricity. We can track our patterns and have learnt what to do in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Already we have reduced our bills by over 10% as a result of using the data in e21 to modify our electricity usage patterns
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