EMS has comprehensive experience in all aspects of energy advice. EMS staff recognise that the first step in assisting clients to manage their energy is through education.

Through knowledge and instruction EMS aids customers to understand electricity billing and the billing process. EMS helps clients to understand how much energy is used, where it is used and how to manage it effectively. This is assisted by the use of energy management software like E21 EnergyPlus.

E21 EnergyPlus enables its users to verify their electricity accounts and track and manage energy consumption while identifying billing errors. It also generates a range of reports and graphs which make detecting irregularities in the customer’s electricity bills easier. The software assists users in achieving fundamental business and environmental goals such as reducing energy consumption, maintaining cost control and improving energy and emissions performance.

Our Capabilities

  • Management Consulting
  • Tariff Analysis
  • Economic Modelling
  • Economic analysis of potential energy and cost saving projects (e.g. co-generation)
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Demand Management
  • Managing energy consumption
  • Verifying electricity accounts and identifying bill errors

Client Examples

  • Fletcher International Exports
  • Hunter Water Corporation
  • Cobar Management
  • Peak Gold
  • Twynam Agricultural Group
  • T&R Pastoral
  • 27 Councils across NSW