Case Study: Hunter Water

Optimising Efficiency: Hunter Water’s Success Story in Billing Error Resolution


Hunter Water, a State Owned Corporation, serves over 600,000 people in the Hunter Region, providing essential services such as drinking water, waste water, recycled water, and storm water management. They oversee more than 600 electricity-consuming sites, utilizing over 74GWh of electricity, with the majority dedicated to waste water treatment and drinking water transportation. 


Hunter Water faced significant challenges in managing energy consumption and identifying billing errors. The primary objective was to swiftly address and resolve these issues, prioritizing the enhancement of energy efficiency and achieving cost savings. 


By utilizing e21 Energyplus software, Hunter Water gained comprehensive access to electricity bill verification and consumption tracking for all their assets. The software generated detailed reports and graphs to pinpoint irregularities in electricity bills. The implementation of the system revealed significant errors impacting two major sites, resulting in savings of $700,000. Ongoing monitoring revealed occasional errors, while strategic initiatives such as charge optimization, improved pumping and targeted energy efficiency projects drove additional savings. Collectively, these efforts resulted in savings surpassing $1M, with energy efficiency initiatives monitored through e21 EnergyPlus now exceeding $6M. 


By utilizing e21, Hunter Water continues to identify billing errors and optimize energy usage across sites through actions such as Demand Management, Power Factor Correction, Flow Management, and tariff optimization. This holistic approach has not only delivered significant cost savings but also improved overall energy efficiency and management for Hunter Water. 


Hunter Water

Hunter, New South Wales
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