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A genuine partner for those seeking intelligent energy solutions. 

For leaders with diverse energy challenges, EMS is a trusted partner in energy, providing foresight and intelligent solutions for their organisation to grow sustainably with confidence.


Energy Procurement

Our personalised approach helps you navigate the challenging energy landscape to achieve the best energy deal. Successful contracts are not just about the price but encompass a holistic approach to energy management and application.

Energy Management

We simplify energy for you. We take the complication out of energy bills and the billing process by calculating how much energy is used, where it is used and how to manage it effectively. By using e21 EnergyPlus we can show you your whole energy picture.

Engineering Solutions

From understanding new electricity connections, embedded networks and generation assets to tackling intricate engineering challenges, as well as providing comprehensive energy consulting, we possess the expertise to unravel the complexities of the energy world.

Renewable Solutions

Our experts independently examine how to reduce energy costs by installing solar systems or other renewable generation projects using specialised in-house modelling.

CASE STUDY: Kitchens For Living

Solar Panel Implementation for Commercial Joinery Business Energy Efficiency

CASE STUDY: Earlyrise Baking

High Current Warnings and Solar Monitoring at Earlyrise Baking Dubbo

CASE STUDY: Tabbita Poultry

From Farm to Future: Tabbita Poultry’s Strategic Energy Solution

CASE STUDY: Gateway Hunter Church

Energy Cost Reduction for Gateway Hunter Church

CASE STUDY: Allambi Care

Type 2 Energy Audit for a medium sized Disability Care facility in NSW identifies potential annual energy savings of $32,000

CASE STUDY: Sussex Inlet RSL

Energy Audit for a medium sized RSL Club identifies potential annual energy savings of $48,000


Your partner for real energy solutions

Thank you to the team at EMS for helping grow our knowledge and introducing us to greener energy. We felt cared for and supported throughout the whole journey.
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Sean Yeomans
We were looking to see if we could save in energy costs because we felt our bill was higher than it should be. We were recommended to use e21 EnergyPlus. After entering our data a significant bill error was identified. Because all of our usage and cost data was in e21 it meant we had an energy management tool and we were able to look at the big picture with a multifaceted approach to achieve maximum savings going forward. e21 EnergyPlus uses meter data from sub-meters, solar inverters and the NMI meter to accurately model costs and analyse loads to manage our Demand when brewing, calculate savings from solar used as well as provide legitimate bills for tenant’s electricity. We can track our patterns and have learnt what to do in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Already we have reduced our bills by over 10% as a result of using the data in e21 to modify our electricity usage patterns
Devils Hollow brewery Logo
EMS is a valuable support as they guide our not-for-profit business through the maze of electricity supply. Accessing contracts for the supply of energy is essential for us to manage our budget especially in this price fluctuating period we are experiencing at the moment.
MoW Dubbo logo
Peter English
Service Manager, Meals on Wheels Dubbo
Great Service with attention to detail and communication was fluent, went out of their way to help out, they have great contacts within the industry. Couldn’t be happier and wouldn’t have got the same service and professional help elsewhere.
Bourke Shire Council Logo
Dwayne Willoughby
Manager, Environmental Services, Bourke Shire Council
The team at EMS are friendly, knowledgeable and professional, no question is left unanswered and their communication was timely and very easy to understand. Thank you to the team at EMS for helping grow our knowledge and introducing us to greener energy. We felt cared for and supported throughout the whole journey.
KFL Logo
Melodie Yeomans, Kitchens for Living
As always, EMS are very efficient and speak to us in Layman’s Terms. Happy to stay where we are looked after
Nyngan Foodworks logo
Ken, Nyngan Foodworks

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