Energy and Management Services (EMS) is involved in every aspect of the dealings between customers and energy companies, including negotiating and arranging connections, tariff analysis, retail contracts, and economic evaluations of potential energy saving and/or cost saving projects.

EMS is frequently engaged to, not only procure energy for our clients, but also to work with them in seeking opportunities to reduce energy costs. Prior to the introduction of the various State and Commonwealth energy efficiency schemes, EMS completed various energy assessments as well as the associated evaluations of savings opportunities for our customers. When these schemes were introduced, many existing customers sought our expertise to assist them in fulfilling the statutory requirements.

Under the NSW Energy Savings Action Plan (ESAP), EMS has performed numerous energy assessments and provided detailed Technical Reviews (ESAP is site-based rather than corporation-based).

Two EMS customers involved in the ESAP, triggered the initial phase of the EEO program and subsequently engaged EMS to provide a range of services, including energy assessments, as well as guidance and assistance in relation to the management and data handling aspects of the EEO project.

In addition to energy assessments required to fulfil statutory obligations, EMS has been engaged to undertake detailed, non-statutory, assessments for a wide range of clients to improve their energy performance, quantifying their greenhouse footprint, or evaluating proposals relating to specific items of plant.