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NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Energy Efficiency Professional Service Contract


EMS have again been successfully appointed to the Energy Efficiency Service Provider’s Panel for the Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH).

EMS has demonstrated organisational and industry sector experience for service provision of:

  • Energy efficiency auditing;
  • Technical support for implementing energy efficiency projects; and
  • Energy efficiency measurement and verification services.

Our demonstrated experience and qualifications of our staff highlighted our expertise in the nominated areas of service provision, along with proven organisational quality assurance systems.

EMS also demonstrated corporate commitment to sustainability in terms of our overall organisational operation. As a previous provider through the Energy Saver program, which has now expired, this panel contract includes a wider range of services and will build on the government’s objective to deliver the NSW 2021 target to assist households and businesses to save 16,000 GWh of electricity per year by 2020. Gas savings projects will also soon be able to generate valuable Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs).

If your business is looking to implement an energy efficiency project which aligns with the NSW OEH priority sectors and technologies, EMS can provide energy auditing, technical support services and measurement and verification of completed projects with access to government funding for all these activities.

The current OEH subsidies are:

  • Energy auditing – 50% OEH subsidy
  • Technical support including basic measurement and verification (M&V) – 50% subsidy capped at $8,000
  • Detailed M&V – 80% subsidy capped at $15,000 including the cost of metering equipment. This will allow creation of ESCs which can be used to repay part of the capital cost of the project.

For more information on government funding, click HERE.

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