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EMS becomes an Accredited Certificate Provider


EMS has recently gained IPART approval as Accredited Certificate Providers (ACP’s) for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

The ESS creates a financial incentive for clients undertaking projects which reduce electricity consumption. It provides new opportunities for energy saving equipment and technologies to be provided to businesses and households.

Since the beginning of this scheme in July 2009, ESS participants have benefited from lower electricity bills through implementing energy savings activities and have gained income from selling energy savings certificates through this market based mechanism. The scheme is legislated to continue until 2020 or until a National Scheme is introduced.

How the ESS works?

  • Organisations identify energy savings projects that they can implement. These projects must reduce electricity consumption by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment.
  • Accredited Certificate Providers implement their energy savings projects and create certificates based on the energy savings (each certificate is equivalent to one tonne of CO2e emissions avoided).
  • The Accredited Certificate Providers sell their certificates, usually to Liable Entities (mainly electricity Retailers).
  • Liable Entities surrender energy savings certificates to meet their targets as required by legislation.

Recognised Energy Savings Activities (RESA’s)
RESAs are specific activities implemented by an Accredited Certificate Provider that increase the efficiency of electricity consumption or reduce electricity consumption, by:

  • Modifying equipment or its use
  • Replacing equipment
  • Installing new high efficiency equipment, and/or
  • Removing equipment and reducing electricity consumption.

Please contact Elise Handy to engage EMS as your ACP or for more information on the scheme.

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