Energy Efficiency Business Program (closed)

The Energy Efficient Business Program is currently subsidising energy audits, technical support and measurement and verification services for sites:

  • That sit within one of the program’s priority sectors, and/or
  • Where the scope of the energy audit will directly target one or more of the program’s targeted technologies

The sectors currently targeted
by the program include:

  • Agribusiness & Irrigation
  • Aquatic Leisure Centres
  • Bakeries
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Data Centres
  • Education* (*must be a Targeted Technology Energy Audit)
  • Manufacturing (including food and timber manufacturing)
  • Heritage Listed (State Heritage Register or Local Environmental Plan)
  • Warehousing with cold storage
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Wineries

The technologies currently targeted
by the program include:

  • Cogeneration
  • Compressed Air
  • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration
  • HVAC/BMS Optimisation
  • Sub-Metering
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Pumps/Motors/Drives
  • Gas Boilers/Furnaces
  • Heat Recovery

Required criteria for applicants:

  • ABN (Business/Local Government)
  • $80,000+ pa energy spend
  • Priority technology, priority sector or both


The program offers 50% subsidy for energy audits:

  • Site instigated
  • Auditor instigated

Technical Support

The program offers subsidies for technical support services:

  • 50% of costs up to $8,000
  • Low-cost measurement and verifications services of $2,000 fixed fee

Measurement and Verification

The program offers 80% subsidy capped to $15,000 per project including:

  • Consulting fees
  • Travelling costs
  • Energy metering, etc.

Other Opportunities

Energy and Management Services has also assisted with the previous Energy Efficiency Opportunites Program (EEO) as well as the NSW Energy Savings Action Plan (ESAP) and Energy Saver Program. For further information on these programs, please follow the attached links, or contact our office directly to discuss in more detail.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO)

NSW Energy Savings Action Plan (ESAP)