Peter Halyburton

Principal and Director

Peter Halyburton founded Energy and Management Services (EMS) in 1996. Prior to this, his career in the Electricity Supply Industry spanned 34 years and covered three separate Electricity Supply Organisations.

Operating his own consultancy, Peter specialises in all aspects of energy advice. He was a member of IPART’s Network Pricing Working Group which developed guidelines for Distribution Network Service Providers until this role was transferred to the Australian Energy Regulator. The company now provides advice regarding Distribution Network Service Provider pricing and policies to the Australian Energy Regulator and consults to a wide range of private and government organisations.

Peter is committed to improving the competitive and financial performance of organisations by providing professional energy management and consultancy services. He has a detailed knowledge of the energy industry and his experience in the competitive electricity and gas markets is extensive.

EMS has negotiated contracts for over 50 billion kWh since 1997 and has provided advice to over 200 organisations across Australia.

Peter is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia, the Australian Institute of Energy and a past Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. He also holds a Bachelor of Science (Technology) in Electrical Engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration, both from the University of Newcastle.