Murray Halyburton

Managing Director

Since joining Energy and Management Services in 2007 as an Energy Consultant, Murray has negotiated electricity contracts for a wide range of clients up to 350GWh per annum.

He has also been involved with re-negotiation of gas contracts and analysis of energy efficiency and energy costs for a variety of clients.

Murray has conducted numerous energy audits and assessments for small and medium businesses and developed a comprehensive audit tool which was adopted by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) for use in a small business energy efficiency program throughout the State. He continued involvement in this program until its end in 2013 as well as the development of reporting processes associated with it.

After the success of the program development for NSW OEH, Murray was approached by the ACT Government to assist in providing software support for their ACTSmart energy efficiency program. He has since developed assessment software for this and other energy and water efficiency programs as part of the Sustainability Programs suite of ACT Government services.

Murray has completed his Master of Environmental and Business Management (MEBM) and as part of his professional development he has also completed additional units of competency in Quality Management & Assurance, Training & Assessment and Financial Services.

Murray is committed to achieving optimum outcomes for his clients through continual professional development, keeping abreast of technological and regulatory changes related to energy, and acting pro-actively to ensure Energy and Management Services continues to advance its position in the Australian energy industry.