David Bagley-Jones

National Energy Manager

David joined Energy and Management Services with more than 14 years’ experience in the retail energy market, having worked for 3 of the top tier 1 retailers in Australia being Ergon Energy, EnergyAustralia and most recently with Origin Energy. Prior to working in the energy sector David was in fast moving consumable goods industry, where he achieved the title of State Sales Manager for The Ferrero Group.

David commenced his career in the retail energy market in 2003 as an Account Manager for Ergon Energy. David was hired for his product sales and marketing experience as Ergon Energy were at the time expanding into business energy solutions sector. During his tenure David had become versed in power factor correction, UPS battery backups, solar, network tariff optimisation and energy auditing, as well as managing a predominately Queensland based electricity portfolio. David also took up a secondment to assist with the management of the Coles Myer account in unison with the Market Intermediary Team in the contestable electricity auction platform bidding submissions.

Having gained excellent grounding across a diverse range of electricity areas David then accepted a role as a Corporate Accounts Manager for EnergyAustralia in 2006. EnergyAustralia was looking to expand into markets outside of Ausgrid’s Network area, predominately focusing on the Queensland market, so David’s major role was to concentrate on growing their Commercial and Industrial acquisition portfolio and to assist customers with energy management strategies and implementation, while building brand awareness. During his time at EnergyAustralia David gained exposure to both the gas and electricity commercial retail market and was responsible for increasing EnergyAustralia’s Queensland electricity footprint to over 1 TWh pa.

After 5 years at EnergyAustralia David had the opportunity to take up a position as a Major Account Manager for Origin Energy. As Australia’s largest energy retailer this gave David valuable insight into the gas market, exposing him through his contractual negotiations to aspects around gas infrastructure and haulage agreements, gas diversification, meter fix requirements and gas reconfigurations. As Origin has both gas exploration, production and a retail diversion, it provided David with the ideal platform to become proficient with many other aspects of the gas market outside of just retail. During David’s 6 years at Origin Energy he managed a large gas and electricity portfolio across NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and QLD, for those customers with a gas usage greater than 50 TJ and/or a collective electricity load larger than 10 GWh pa, across a large cross section of industry types. David gained expert knowledge in electricity export purchasing agreements, with exposure to flexible purchasing arrangements and worked with consultants, contractors and customers in areas of new supplies, metering, low to high voltage conversions and the implementation of energy management strategies such as peak smoothing, network response incentives and price response initiatives through load curtailment agreements. In addition, David worked to expand and enhance Origin’s third party preferred service providers in relation to direct metering agreements, power factor correction equipment installation, PeakResponse solutions and National Response Centre services.

David brings to Energy and Management Services an in-depth industry knowledge together with firsthand experience of having worked on the retail side of the electricity business for the past 14 years. David has a very practical approach and with his industry insight he can negotiate the best outcome for his clients. David comes with an extensive associative range of contacts within the corporate and major market and an outstanding reputation for providing results. His aim with joining the Team is to continue his professional development, while keeping his clients abreast of the energy market and working with them to reduce their energy footprint and costs.