EMS is committed to undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and aims to do all that is reasonably practical to ensure there is continuous improvement in environmental and social performance.

Our policies state that EMS will:

Conserve water

  • AAA rated shower heads have been installed

Reduce waste

  • A recycling program for all paper, cardboard, bottles and cans
  • All cardboard boxes and packaging are reused
  • Organic waste is composted and then used on gardens at the business centre
  • All electronic waste is recycled including mobile phones and printer cartridges
  • EMS prints double sided where possible, uses recycled paper for general printing, a paperless fax and is moving toward full electronic invoicing
  • EMS is a plastic bag free office, only using green shopping bags and biodegradable bin liners
  • EMS favours purchasing products with minimal packaging

Lessen energy consumption and emissions

  • Energy efficient lighting has been installed
  • Artificial lighting is rarely used as natural lighting is enhanced and sufficient
  • Most office equipment is certified by Energy Star and when replacing equipment EMS will ensure that new equipment is energy efficient
  • Air conditioning is only used on the extremes of summer and winter. Windows are open instead
  • Air conditioning thermostats are set to the optimum temperatures for energy efficiency i.e. 18-20 degrees in winter and 24-27 degrees in summer
  • EMS promotes energy efficiency in the community

Lower pollution through chemical use

  • Only environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid and cleaning products are used

Promote a pleasant environment for staff and the community

  • Working conditions are flexible
  • Preference is given to employing local staff
  • We aim to support local businesses
  • We consider favourably, suppliers who pursue good environmental management practices
  • EMS employees walk or ride to work where possible
  • EMS provides employees with lunch which coordinates resources and reduces packaging and waste
  • The social and environmental values of EMS staff do not stop in the work place. The majority of home owners have installed solar hot water systems, insulation, energy efficient lighting, water saving equipment and donate to numerous charities and community organisations on their own accord

Fulfil its social responsibility through charitable giving and sponsorship

EMS recognises the importance of caring for our community, and are proud to get behind a number of charities helping to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

For more details about the charities EMS supports, click here