Case Study: Tabbita Poultry

From Farm to Future: Tabbita Poultry’s Strategic Energy Solution


Tabbita Poultry, a growing broiler farm located in regional New South Wales, purchases bulk energy for distribution to independent farms supplied from a single HV network connection A reliable and economically viable energy supply is essential to maintaining production levels. 


Tabbita Poultry sought assistance in establishing an optimal energy connection solution for electricity supply to 4 or 5 independent farms. This involved analysing various options, encompassing a rigorous cost-benefit study based on an H.V embedded network.  


The solution for Tabbita Poultry involved detailed analysis of different energy connections and a comprehensive cost-benefit study. This led to the proposal and implementation of a 33kV H.V embedded network, designed to optimise energy distribution costs to each farm's facilities, thereby improving the load profile and reducing costs. Bulk purchasing via a single connection facilitates lower prices and this combines with lower network charges to provide a cost effective solution to support efficient operations. By negotiating lower network charges, the added responsibility of owning and operating an HV network became commercially attractive. The single HV connection allows for simple augmentation to connect additional farms over time.  

Integrating the e21 EnergyPlus billing service proved pivotal, as it not only streamlined the independent billing of the individual farms, but also ensured the accuracy of the aggregated purchased energy using gate meter data. This allows the Retailer bill to be verified each month with retail energy rates automatically passed through for each embedded customer 

Ongoing assistance is provided to oversee the operation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of the embedded network, ensuring its smooth functioning over time.  

The provision of procurement, billing and maintenance support provided a comprehensive solution, and Tabbita Poultry now have an efficient, cost-effective operation able to incorporate additional sustainable energy options in the future positioning the farm for long-term success in the industry. 


The implemented solution facilitated the seamless operation of the embedded network, delivering consistent high-quality performance with minimal resource impact. Moreover, it generated significant cost savings compared to original design proposals and provided scalability for future expansion and inclusion of behind-the-meter generation options. 

Overall the collaborative efforts yielded tangible benefits for Tabbita Poultry, enhancing operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility for sustainable growth in the long term. 


Tabbita Poultry

Tabbita, New South Wales
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