Case Study: Sussex Inlet RSL

Energy Audit for a medium sized RSL Club identifies potential annual energy savings of $48,000


The medium sized RSL Club is located in a coastal country town and incorporates a separate bowling club


  • Evaluate the overall energy consumption of the site;  
  • Evaluate what the energy is used for;  
  • Identify and assess options where savings can be made; and  
  • Provide rough estimate costs for viable savings opportunities.  

EMS personnel spent two part days on site, met with key club personnel and service contractors and provided two Wattwatcher monitoring devices which were installed on the two air conditioning systems.   

EMS analysed the data from the monitoring devices and estimated the energy consumption of the various major equipment and areas of highest energy use. 

EMS analysed potential energy saving opportunities then contacted suppliers to provide budget prices for various potential energy upgrades. 


14 electrical opportunities were identified with a total estimated saving of $20,000 pa and a payback of just two years.  An additional 100 kW of solar panels could save another $28,000 pa with a payback of 5.4 years.  

The total identified potential electricity savings of 211 MWh pa represented a 27% reduction in current electricity consumption and a 2 month payback on the cost of the energy audit. 

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