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Tristan Robinson

Technical Officer
Tristan (2)
Tristan joined Energy and Management Services in February 2010, bringing with him a fusion of knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Tristan has a passion for electronics and robotic construction, which brings expertise to Energy and Management Services in electronic automation projects and computer programming skills. His ability in this area has brought highly efficient improvements to Energy and Management Services.

Tristan has completed a Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics (Hons) at the University of Newcastle. Through this he received the privilege of joining the Shohoku tour which enabled him to work at Sony semiconductor laboratories in Tokyo, Japan. Tristan has also worked in research and development at the University of Newcastle.

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If you had a light bulb on the moon connected to a switch in your bedroom, it would take 1.26 seconds for that bulb to light up- 238,857 miles away

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