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Congratulations Hunter Water Corporation

Over the past 3 years, Hunter Water Corporation has embarked on a significant journey towards becoming more energy efficient, and Energy & Management Services is proud to have played a part in delivering savings for HWC, that now total over $1M each year.  There have been about 40 different initiatives that together contribute to this […]

Want to avoid being caught out of contract?

It’s easy to lose track of when your next electricity contract is up for negotiation, and even easier still not to notice if your Retailer is over charging you… Your electricity bill can make for rather complicated reading! We want to help make your life that little bit easier. As the exclusive distributor of E21 […]

Savings and Renewable Energy

Some clients have asked us to review proposals they have received for solar installations within their businesses. From the experience gained as a part of the review process, we can now confidently state that all proposals ought to be specifically evaluated, taking into account the particular costing structure for that location. We make this statement […]

Where are electricity prices headed?

There has been a lot of talk, particularly regarding solar installations, that electricity prices are going up and will continue upwards, so the implication is that renewable alternatives will become more commercially attractive over time. Whilst we have no argument against the increased use of renewable energy, we do take exception to claims that electricity […]

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Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours

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